BIM Workflow Guide: BIM Delivery and Facility Management



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Welcome to the fourth book in the BIM Workflow series. In the following chapters we will cover, everything need for you to master the basics of working with BIM based facility management. Furthermore subjects regarding classification, ICT (Information and Communication technology), Facility Management standards and organizational change, will be explained for you to apply in your own organization.

This instalment is part of a larger collection of four books taking you through the entire BIM Workflow, from on-site laser measurements to quality control using IFC to large-scale facility management and much more.

Before starting this course please make sure, you are using the latest version of the ArchiFM application by visiting and using a 64-bit Windows machine. The version of the ArchiFM application determines which version of ArchiCAD you will be using.

Author: Nis Boile Christensen

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