Using Augmented Reality (AR) to Showcase a BIM Design


AR - Augmented Reality

It’s a fun and funky use of mobile or tablet tech, but is there a business need or benefit from Augmented Reality ?

Consider how much resource goes into creating a 3D or or BIM – and then the best way we can showcase this to potential users / buyers / tenants / clients is a printout, static image or set animation.  We can do a whole lot better than that !

AR is for showing off, marketing, PR, stakeholder engagement and generally looking slicker than your competition. If you want to be notices and remembered, then think of diverting some marketing budget to creating an AR App.

Increasingly, technology like Microsoft HoloLens will revolutionise the way we can simply interact with computers to remove the need for mice / trackpads and keyboards, but for now, there are simple ways to take advantage of AR and use it to great effect for marketing and PR.

How to get going with Augmented Reality (AR) ?

Once you have 3D or Building Information modelled content, Seeable can help you visualise it in a host of different ways.  Augmented reality utilises the forward facing cameras on smartphones and tablets and superimposes the 3D model or BIM on the immediate surroundings.

This can be sent privately to individual Android or IoS devices or published to the Apple App store or Google Play for public download.

The steps we go through are:

  1. Send us your 3D data
  2. We simplify your data to optimise it for mobile devices
  3. We create a GUI – graphical user interface to allow users to turn on & off features or detail in the App
  4. We host the data on a platform of your choice
  5. You show off your projects

All we need to know is what you want to make ‘Seeable’ then let us create a bespoke AR app for you that eliminates complex paper plans spread out can allows simple non technical access to complex data 

What can it be used for ?

Marketing, showcasing your projects, PR, stakeholder engagement, public consultations – the limit is your imagination.