Can BIM Efficiently Enhance Building Design in Todays Smart Cities



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1. HKIBIM Smart Cities B U I LD I NG S ERVI CES S TEEN S EN VA R MING If a building becomes architecture, then it is art. Clearly if a building is not functionally and technically in order, then it isn’t architecture either, it’s just a building. Arne Jacobsen Mechanical Engineering Lighting Design Sustainable Design Electrical Engineering Copenhagen London Sydney Hong Kong New York e : [email protected] Page 1
2. FirmFoundations
3. EnablingArchitecture
4. Body text / image § Make sure you use the Steensen Varming square dot point! Thinking Without Borders ThinkingWithoutBorders
5. AucklandArtGallery ToiOTamaki
6. AucklandArtGallery ToiOTamaki ExternalLighting
7. AucklandArtGallery ToiOTamaki InternalLighting
8. RollofHonour– Daylighting
9. RollofHonour– NightLighting
10. IndirectLighting
11. CairnsPerformingArts Centre
12. DirectVisualisation
13. FalseColourRenders
14. DerivedRender
15. CairnsPerformingArts Centre–LandscapeDesign
16. DirectVisualisation
17. Dangrove ArtStorageFacility
18. Dangrove ArtStorageFacility
19. Visualisations
20. PCStoMesh-Sculptures
21. ScannedandMeshedRenders
22. ScannedandMeshedRenders
23. FalseColourRender
24. RenderedinteractiveBIM
25. DaytimeRender
26. NighttimeRender
27. DynamicCostLinking
28. LightingControl– Spacedefinitions
29. LightingControl–Element Level
30. DaylightingAnalysis
31. GlareAnalysis
32. 580GeorgeStreet

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