Take Productivity to the Next Level Combining IPD with BIM


Want to take the productivity of your construction project to the next level? Why don’t you think of combining IPD with BIM? IPD or the Integrated Project Delivery method helps to cooperate and collaborate between the project stakeholders like the building owners, engineers, architects, contractors and fabricators from the beginning of the construction work. If this is used with Building Information Modeling Services, it would enhance project productivity through different stages of construction.  The industry experts are thinking of enhancing project productivity by combining IPD with BIM as this collaboration would help to improve project planning, designing and construction and would result in on-time project delivery. Now, what’s the specialty of implementing IPD? This collaborative approach makes sure that all the parties involved with the project are equally responsible for the success and failure of the project. As a result of which the risks and rewards are also shared equally among them. The thought of sharing the risks and rewards motivate the stakeholders to give their best performance through all the stages of design and construction. 

Let’s check out why IPD should be combined with BIM to improve the building construction productivity:

Effective Project Management – It’s of no doubt that Integrated Project Delivery Approach alone could not deliver a successful project. It must be complimented with Building Information Modeling for effective project management. 

Seamless Construction & On-time Delivery – Both BIM and IPD address various aspects of the construction process. However, when it comes to on-time project delivery and seamless construction, both these methods become equally important to the building stakeholders. It’s not possible for IPD alone to lead to the success of construction. BIM tools are also essential to develop a perfect design that can enhance the productivity of AEC professionals during the final construction stage.

Accurate Information Sharing - Remember that successful collaboration among the stakeholders can only be possible, if accurate information is shared among them and the parametric models, developed through BIM tools like Revit help to share apt information. Those models could be easily transferred to the building owners, architects, engineers, contractors and other parties involved in construction.

Go for this collaborative approach of IPD and Building Information Modeling and enhance the productivity of building professionals.

Posted by Pinnacle Infotech 

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