Startup Breaks BIM Deadlock with Instant Cloud Deployment


Based on Cloudalize’s cloud computing platform GDaaS (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) and powered by NVIDIA GRID™ GPUs, TryBIM combines GPU-powered virtual desktops and a Revit cloud server, all pre-installed and pre-configured for the user. For thousands of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms this platform offers an immediate, low-risk way to experience Cloudalize’s BIM solution first hand.

"Countries like the UK will mandate BIM for public works from 2016, so the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry will need to build on the progress already made – driving change and leading the transformation” explains Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). He added that the shift to digital engineering processes should bring uniformity, efficiency and collaboration to the building process, and increase competitiveness for ICE’s members.

Information communications technology (ICT) is a key roadblock to BIM adoption. Radically restructuring their IT infrastructure — and potentially putting time-critical deployments or international collaborations at risk — is a major challenge for many firms.

GDaaS solves this problem by instantly deploying virtual workstations in the cloud through a simple, self-servicing web portal. “Cloudalize is instantly empowering the AEC industry to deploy full ICT environments for several BIM project partners in a very flexible and cost-effective way,” explains Benny Willen, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudalize. “Now, thanks to TryBIM, firms can get hands-on with GDaaS and evaluate it for themselves.”

“Architects, engineers and designers can now access any application on any device from any location,” adds Sarah Mannion, NVIDIA GRID Senior Business Manager at NVIDIA. “The power of NVIDIA GRID graphics virtualization technology means GDaaS desktops have the ability to handle core AEC applications like Autodesk Revit without compromising application performance.”

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