Benefits of BIM for Surveyors


The benefits of BIM to architects, engineers, contractors and property owners are known by everybody. But, this advanced technology also helps the surveyors reap significant advantages in their role. As BIM advanced co-operative platform, it offers many advantages to the project stakeholders associated with a project. The available BIM tools involve automation and so quantity surveyors will get advantages from this new process.

A surveyor’s responsibility in a construction industry is spread through the life span of a project and therefore BIM provides many crucial benefits to him/her. With the help of virtual design and construction features inside BIM, the surveyor can achieve superior control across the construction progression. It also helps them optimize their work profile to a great extent.

Duties and responsibilities of a surveyor

  • Surveyor should ensure the completion of construction projects within stipulated schedule and responsible budget.
  • Surveyor develops scheme designs that involve comprehensive specifications and costing.
  • Surveying and verifying the status of construction is the responsibility of the surveyor.
  • Surveyor should check whether the building design is applicable for people who have disabilities.
  • Surveyor gives required suggestions for sustainability and energy efficiency of a building.
  • Surveyor makes survey for health and safety in the design of the project.
  • They also do feasibility studies

The duty of a surveyor mainly includes dealing with various values, costs, measurements, schedules, dimensions and demarcations available from authentic and accurate data sources. BIM helps the surveyors achieve and evaluate all this data in the geometric forms. They are able to collect crucial information from their survey data with the help of 3D visualization model of BIM. Thus they can exam properly and give correct recommendations to the architects and contractors.

Benefits of BIM to the surveyors

  • BIM enhances superior communication and co-operation among different teams in a construction project.
  • It helps the surveyor make the work quicker in lesser cost.
  • BIM ensures sustainability.
  • Surveyor, with the help of BIM, can produce accessible synchronous information regarding project performance.

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