4M BIM Systems Announces New BIM Software Package


With great pleasure, we would like to announce the release of an exciting new 3D BIM software package.  FineGreen is the new innovative 3D BIM energy modelling software package for buildings by 4M BIM Systems.

Based on the DOE’s “Energy Plus” simulation engine, FINEGreen has powerful energy modelling capabilities as well as the ability to conduct CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

To minimise the time required to build a 3D energy model, a sophisticated but easy-to-use BIM graphical interface has been incorporated in to the software.

To elaborate further on the ease-of-use; the software has the ability to use DWG, DXF and IFC file formats. This helps when working with 2D or 3D models.  Therefore, people that have used AutoCADTM or other similar programs, will find a very familiar working environment.

With regards to the 3D functionality, it is possible to import full 3D building models from software such as ArchiCad, Vector Works, Autodesk Revit and other architectural design software packages that support the IFC file format.  Therefore, FineGreen will:

  • Improve productivity of your practice or studio, by reducing time to setup and run energy simulations
  • Require limited training time to become proficient in the use of the software

Moreover, FineGreen can provide input information and can collaborate seamlessly with other products in the 4M MEP BIM Suite (FineHVAC, FineSANI, FineFIRE, FineELEC, FineGAS and FineLIFT). This capability has the potential to further improve the productivity of a practice or design studio.

Finally, FineGreen is a quality product and it is competitively priced. To find out how this new and exciting software can help you seamlessly incorporate energy modelling into your services please contact 4M BIM Systems.