Bosch Security Systems Providing BIM Files to Facilitate Construction


Fairport, N.Y. — Bosch Security Systems has started providing Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for parts of its product range. BIM is a method used to digitally plan, design, construct and operate buildings and infrastructure in a virtual space.

With BIM, all building data are digitized and networked. This facilitates the planning of a building for all professionals involved in a construction project, according to the company. If within the virtual building model a change is made by one of the project planners, these alterations are visible to all the professionals involved, from the design team to the main contractor and subcontractors to the owner or operator, since all teams share the same data and work from a single, shared 3D model. When a modification is made in one building section, the effects on all other sections are calculated and shown in real-time; the complete building and construction data are immediately updated and aligned.

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Modifications in the floor plan can change the number of video cameras necessary for monitoring a building. If BIM is used, Bosch Security Systems says the number of video cameras needed is automatically adjusted to the modified floor plan.

Bosch Security Systems is supporting BIM and will provide architects, building designers, engineers and contractors with free BIM files, starting with Bosch IP video cameras. This data will make it possible to simulate a camera’s field of view in the 3D model, which the company says improves design efficiency in planning a security solution.


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