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Anyone who's heard of BIM will have read how the ‘Government’s BIM mandate has changed the industry’ more times than you can remember.  Largely, it's safe to say, because it has – but what comes next?

Conversations on Big Data, IoT, Smart Cities, Connectivity, BIM, Advanced Manufacturing New Methods of Construction and everything in between have been led by pioneers and experts from across the world - but what do they mean to your everyday, or to the way you run your business or your construction projects? 

For many they are pretty lofty topics and their ramifications extend well beyond our industry.  You'll have seen about tweeting fridges, how much data has been created in the last 2 years (according to many it's around 90% of all our data), my favourite is the example that your smartphone/smartwatch has more processing power in it than the computers that took us to the moon.  It all looks and sounds great, but the fact that most of us would have absolutley no idea how to send someone to the moon with a smart phone isn't too disimilar you might argue to where we're at as an industry, in that despite all the hype around technology and all things digital unless we ask the right questions, or understand what we're trying to achieve and how to match the technology with the desired outcome we're unlikely to reach our full potential.

We launched Digital Construction Week (coming up this Oct) to explore the convergence of the latest digital technologies, trends, and processes to help not just the industry but businesses and individuals to understand how we can start to harness them for future growth now.  We want to help drive the industry forward and explore what digital means for AECO at every level.  The use of BIM and digital technologies isn’t just about huge multimillion pound projects of the future, it’s about harnessing the power of digital to make your business more efficient right now.  There's so many great examples already, in fact to the earlier point one of our speakers is an architect who's worked with NASA so we're maybe not that far off!  Similarly there's examples of small businesses embracing digital to grow their business.

The Digital Construction Week 2 day Conference & Exhibition will explore a number of key themes; adopting a digital mind-set, skills training education & diversity, new methods of construction, collaboration & change management, BIM, IoT, Big Data and more.  It’s an evolution conference, no matter what your profession or experience we want to bring everyone together to start thinking and sharing what digital means to you. We’ll be tackling some big issues, our aim is to help you understand what they mean to you today as well as how they might shape the way you work in the future.  We've brought together leading experts, advocates, with a smattering of non believers and naysayers from all sorts of industries from across the globe but we want to involve everyone in the conversation and we'd love you to join us.

Book your ticket at the Digital Construction Show Conference now to find out and share how digital is changing the face of your industry. www.digitalconstructionweek.com

What does digital mean to you?

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