Elitfönster Launches Products as BIM Objects


The growing interest in the Swedish window manufacturer Elitfönster has led to a cooperation with BIMobject® in order to launch its products as BIM objects. The launch is expected to generate a boost in traffic to the BIMobject Cloud.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is rapidly becoming an important part of the planning and execution of construction projects. Elitfönster now launches its products as BIM objects in order to facilitate this process. Users will now be able to freely access and add the company's products in digital building models. Planners will access automatically updated and technically relevant information by downloading Elitfönster's BIM objects. 

Follow this link to view or download BIM objects from the BIMobject Cloud

"Elitfönster has been one of the most wanted manufacturers on the BIMobject Cloud, according to statistics from our Nordic users. Several Nordic architects have specifically asked for Elitfönster objects and we are therefore especially proud to present the first BIM objects from Elitfönster", says Alexander Montell, Large Account Executive at BIMobject.