AEC Firms aspiring to be a Fortune 500 company should Adopt BIM


The building information modeling market is expected to grow from a market share of $2640.12 million in 2013 to $8646.47 million by 2020 at a CAGR of 16.72%. This market is growing rapidly in many segments and applications with some of the fast growth applications likely to double by 2020 in terms of market shares.

AEC firms aspiring to grow need to understand that growth is never by mere chances. Instead, to get in to the list of Fortune 500 companies, they will have to put in rigorous efforts in the right direction. The architectural engineering and construction industry has realized that adopting BIM can and has certainly driven a lot of AEC firms towards success.

Is BIM only for Architects and Engineers?
No, it is important that professionals including contractors, subcontractors, surveyors, manufacturers and facility managers in addition to Architects and Engineers, who need to collaborate in order to streamline workflows and ensure that the entire process of design, construction and operation of a building is efficient; should adopt BIM.

BIM Enabled Collaboration amongst AEC Professionals
“An atom holds a lot of potential energy, BIM too has the potential to transform the way you manage your construction projects and drive them towards success.”

Boost up organizational value with BIM
A Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey reveals:

  • 73% AEC firms believe that neglecting BIM could damage the health of the entire construction industry.
  • 49% AEC firms admit they are not using BIM on a regular basis.
  • 74% say they have considered the business case for implementing the technology.
  • 26 % firms confessed that lack of relevant skills was the reason for not adopting BIM.

“AEC firms small or medium size; looking out to BID for government building and construction projects, can no way dismiss BIM as inconsequential.”

We are actually past the right time to adopt BIM, so if AEC firms still continue to be a well frog and turn a blind eye towards the fact that BIM is an absolute essential for business growth, they will probably become nonexistent in 4-5 years down the line.

If you are one of those AEC firms highly abreast to technology driven construction processes and implementation of BIM, then this will definitely present you in good light and boost up your organizational value. You will soon be seen as a small but a, power packed organization with promising future and work methodologies. With lot of clients flowing in and smart service deliver reinstating your clients faith in you, will certainly pave path for your transition from a small AEC firm into a fortune 500 company.

“Majority of AEC professionals today, find BIM to be the future, and those who have already adopted and implemented BIM, are even more positive about it.”

This is because BIM can be used across building design, construct and operational stages, including clash detection & coordination, fabrication, construction scheduling, cost estimation, facility management etc.

Applications of BIM
As mentioned in one of the survey results above, AEC firms that lack required BIM resources may plan to outsource it. Outsourcing is great, however; what small AEC firms need to understand here is that even if they outsource, it is important for them to know more about BIM and its implementations. Further it is important to know how they can train and make construction professionals use BIM so as to actually enhance collaboration to reap optimum benefits out of building information modeling – BIM.

BIM consultants can provide the required expert intervention to owners for developing BIM procedures and implementing BIM execution plans. According to a recent survey report the number of firms in US that hired BIM consultants was forecasted to increase from 26% in 2014 to 40% in 2016. In UK the number was predicted to go from 35% in 2014 to 55% in 2016.

This forecast makes it apparently clear that hiring BIM consultants is more commonplace in UK than US. This could be primarily attributed to the Mandatory level 2 BIM implementation across all government projects in UK. Similar uptake is predicted in UAE, as Dubai municipality has mandated BIM for all large scale and mega projects.

In addition to Middle East, other places where BIM outsourcing has picked up pace, and projects a bright future, are Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc.

Business value of BIM
BIM packs in the information power that can help your AEC firm to efficiently manage complex and big Building and construction projects. Most importantly, it helps them take right and highly informed decisions at every stage. Even if you are still small or medium sized AEC firm, with BIM you can gain confidence to bid for superior multi-storey buildings or high rise tower projects, bag them, and further translate them into successful ventures and long term partnerships.

About the Author
Nikunj Patel working as a design engineer working with Hi-Tech CADD Services - AEC Services and Engineering Solutions based company in India.

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