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BIM Report Highlights Manufacturers' Role



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The NBS National BIM Survey for Manufacturers analyses BIM in the UK, and what it means for construction product manufacturers. It includes articles from manufacturers about their BIM experience, as well as from architects that have embraced BIM as a founding principle.

The report is essential reading as we race towards the Government?s mandated use of BIM on all centrally-procured projects in 2016.

The main report focusses on attitudes among BIM users such as architects and specifiers. Key findings include:

  • Over three-quarters (76%) of respondents want manufacturers to provide them with BIM objects
  • 60% of respondents already use manufacturers' BIM objects
  • Two-thirds (66%) turn to NBS for information about BIM
  • Almost half (46%) use BIM objects from the NBS National BIM Library
  • In five years' time 95% of respondents will be using BIM.

"I think the missing gap in BIM is the manufacturing industry."

The report notes a shift in respondents' understanding of BIM, from an appreciation of the effectiveness of newer 3D modelling tools to a more rounded recognition of BIM as a collaborative process. Until recently, much of the discussion surrounding BIM has concentrated on the benefits to the design team. As BIM processes become more sophisticated and embedded, however, we may expect others to contribute and (in turn) realise the commercial benefits that BIM brings with it. If BIM is to succeed, the report concludes, its benefits need to be evident on the bottom line. To that end, the report identifies the commercial opportunities BIM offers to manufacturers.

Download the NBS National BIM Survey for Manufacturers 2015.

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