Necessity of Multi Dimensional Models for The Construction Industry


August 12, 2015

Professionals of construction industry have been efficiently producing building design like never before, as they started embracing model oriented design approach. The approach has drastically enhanced the way of execution of design development in AEC industry.

Model-based design concept was introduced some decades ago and it proved ground breaking invention. Initially CAD software were considered just an alternative of manual drawing development, however as the professionals have started optimizing CAD software, they eventually realized that it was increasing productivity apart from reducing human efforts. In CAD software systems AutoCAD is one of the oldest and widely utilized software system by architects, engineers, detailers, drafters and modelers etc., for creating immensely meticulous  architectural, structural and MEP drawings. Progress in technology has enabled to produce three dimensional models for construction trade.

According to the experts’ opinion from AEC industry, the design information which comprises 3D models delivers better understanding to the viewers comparing to simple drawing based information. Building Information Modeling technology has arrived with more features and capabilities and it has brought the building design on whole new level. The design approach of Architecture, Engineering and Construction has got great turnaround.

Models created in BIM software systems; are accurate by many folds than the models created through CAD software system. Gradually, engineers, architects and drafters have understood the benefits BIM was providing and it has started utilizing worldwide.

BIM models have incredible efficiency to demonstrate extensive details on projects and these details are very vital for architects, engineers, fabricators and construction managers as the details of 3D models guide them throughout the project. To enhance the outcomes of Building Information Modeling, software development companies have introduced various software solutions as well as add-ons, which enable design and construction experts to develop meticulous models in just a while for architecture, structure and MEP.

Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP are diversified extensions of Revit which caters to the need of different building disciplines, wherein BIM molders can add outstanding details in design.

When it comes to design detailing, building models should be the utmost referral points from where every minute detail can be availed. The drawings and models produced in CAD systems, grants the level of information through design is just matchless.

Thus multidimensional models emerged as the fine alternative of to plain two dimensional drawings. Ultimately, BIM software systems not only assist in developing high-end design but they are also useful to plan accurate construction management as it allows the user to create schedules precisely.