Significance of Architectural and Structural Services in Developing Durable Buildings


August 11, 2015

When it comes to developing durable buildings both architectural and structural services remain important. If we say that structural design services are enough for developing high- durable buildings, I would say that’s absolutely wrong. Both architectural design services and structural design services are extremely important for the construction of long-lasting buildings.

In fact the design of the structure depends a lot on architectural design, since the aim of the structure is to render or give support to architecture. Hence for creating successful architectural design for the building, numerous architectural services are availed by the contractors from offshore services providing companies. Architectural Drafting Services and Modeling Services are hired by contractors once basic architectural design is created by architects.

Rudimentary sketches are developed by architects for showcasing architectural design, which are used as inputs by computer aided drafters for the execution of architectural drafting services. These sketches and drawings can also be provided to Building Information Modeling technicians for the development of parametric model for architecture.

After analyzing architectural design, structural engineers perform load calculations for developing a stable structure which can effectively support the load of the building. Load calculations are really very effective for developing correct structural design. Structural engineers have to keep in mind all the characteristics or attributes of architectural design before developing structural design. 

Based on the analysis of architectural design, structural engineer creates the required structural design. Again the basic structural drawings are developed by structural engineers based on which structural drafting and structural modeling services are executed.

All kinds of simple to complex drawings which are created with the execution of structural drafting and steel detailing services have to be checked and approved by structural engineers before they are finally employed by design and construction professionals in actual construction. If construction projects are executed according to above mentioned description, development of durable buildings is inevitable.

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Source: www.cadservicesindia.com