Energy Savings + LEED Certification; Whole Building Energy Simulation


August 03, 2015

Sustainability is the new mantra that has taken the construction industry by storm. Energy modeling services are widely used in order to analyze and validate energy efficient building design solutions. These services are popular not just for residential facilities but also for building design and construction projects under the aviation, healthcare, hotel and hospitality, and the retail industries.

Why? Because, it has become extremely important to design new buildings that are certified for energy efficiency and to essentially handover a facility that produces greater energy savings and hence slashed utility bills.

Proven Benefits of Energy Modeling

  • Clients are often not so confident about the concrete energy saving benefits of energy modeling. These services are mostly outsourced for availing the necessary LEED certification. However, with efficient simulations, analysis, design validation and optimization, one can definitely introduce remarkable energy savings.
  • One of our Dubai based client, approached us for a whole building energy simulation for LEED certification. Here, we extracted energy optimization reports and eQuest models and ensured that client achieved around desired energy savings in addition to obtaining the desired certifications.
  • Client provided CAD and PDF drawings with complete Architectural, structural and MEP details, to our team.

Two Models Were Developed

a)    3D models in eQuest based on these inputs provided by the client were developed

b)    Simultaneously, another baseline 3D model was also developed in eQuest, as per the standard ASHRAE 90.1-2007.

  • Now, these two models were compared in order to evaluate the energy savings. Further final energy optimisation reports that met the energy saving requirements were extracted.
  • Within a very tight time frame, Energy Optimization Reports & the 3D e-Quest Model were delivered, and client managed to achieve 29.72% energy savings.

All reluctance and doubt over adopting energy modeling solutions is because some developers and construction industry professionals are still not aware of the profound benefits of building an energy efficient facility. The perception that you spend more on energy modeling, than the benefits you derive is completely unfounded and baseless. Actually you are spending only a dime and pocketing a dozen.

Getting the necessary certification, will increase the market value of your building, besides as I already mentioned you not only use less energy and produce less CO emissions, but also experience the monetary benefits by saving on utility bills.

Outsource Or In-House The Eternal Debate Is Still On…

There is a lot of debate over, whether you should have an in-house LEED Accredited Professional, who has full knowledge of energy modeling or is it a better option to outsource energy modeling services.

Well I would say there is no need to fret over it. If you have in-house experts and you also have the required resources and technology, opt for in house modeling, else outsource. Some due diligence before you outsource can help you partner with the best energy modeling service providers and experience the best outcomes.

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