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A BIM-Based System for Precast Concrete Supply Chain Management



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July 8, 2015 | W. Wisuthseriwong and V. Likhitruangsilp

Building information modeling (BIM) has been proven beneficial for the AEC/FM industry because it assists in managing construction information effectively. However, it is still challenging for precast concrete contractor to implement and enjoy the benefits of BIM in production and construction aspects. The inefficiency of precast concrete information management contributes to errors, delays, and losses. This paper proposes the process of BIM implementation framework development for precast concrete contractor. It also presents the modification process of supply chain operations reference (SCOR) standard to assess precast concrete supply chain performances. First, three precast concrete housing projects were investigated as pilot case studies, which the results were analyzed to develop preliminary framework for BIM implementation. The SCOR assessment framework was modified to benchmark BIM-based supply chain performances for the case study company. Then, BIM was implemented in two precast concrete housing projects. Supply chain performances between conventional and BIM-based processes were collected, benchmarked, and analyzed. The results revealed BIM potentials to improve most supply chain attributes. Furthermore, BIM can accelerate supply chain processes, eliminate working redundancies, and improve overall collaboration. The results can be served as a guideline for BIM implementation and improve supply chain of precast concrete industry.

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