Latista Mobile Apps for Construction Management


June 30, 2015 │ Kimberly Hegeman

Latista for Construction Management mobile app brings a construction contractor’s project documents, including BIM, out of the office and into the field. The app, designed for an iPad or iPhone, is meant to be a comprehensive and easy-to-use quality, commissioning and field management application.

With project drawings available right on their mobile device, Latista app users can create issues directly on project drawings, complete inspection forms just as they will appear on paper and manage complex, customizable project workflows. The iPad app also has the ability to access and view BIM models.

Contractors can use the app to automate the QA/QC process with Latista’s standard forms, or users can upload their own. The mobile app lets contractors manage progress by area or equipment as well as track inspection and issue status. App users can also schedule notifications when a resolution is overdue.

On the safety side, the Latista mobile app lets contractors digitally complete inspections, mark up drawings to indicate issues, take and attach photos to issues, and visually track progress on a personal dashboard.

The punch list feature gives contractors the option to identify, record and track construction deficiencies while in the field and then automatically generate reports for subcontractors and owners. The punch list form helps eliminate confusion by ensuring all participants are using the same names for types of issues, areas on the jobsite and resolution requirements. The punch list feature also lets users:

  • Filter issues by responsible party, type or area
  • Attach marked up drawings, photos, sketches or other reference material directly to issues
  • Assign issues to specific responsible parties
  • Dispatch work orders
  • Track issue statistics that matter most such as time to close, responsible party and remaining open issues
  • Monitor issue status for areas or equipment

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