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YouBIM, LLC to Release of YouBIM 4.0. BIM for Facilities Management. Simple


July 07, 2015

After surveying many Facility Manager’s needs, day-to-day buildings operation and feedback, we have created YouBIM 4.0, inspired on the idea of The Google Maps for your facilities. YouBIM 4.0 allows 2D and 3D navigation with instant access to asset location, data and related documents, all integrated with other Facilities Management systems. In addition, the new 2D viewer can be utilized for those buildings that do not have BIM models.

We realized that even if great BIM Models and Data could be available from construction handover, BIM software could be difficult to use, for the non-BIM expert. It requires trained personnel to access BIM models on REVIT, Bentley, BIM, ArchiCAD or any other BIM Authoring tool, plus the data is not integrated and still not quickly accessible to the Facilities’ presonnel.

For example, you are trying to find a store in a city, with no expertise required you go to Google Maps or the Apple Maps and in seconds you know exact Location and detailed Information about that place you  are searching for. We took that same principal to the Facilities world.

Focused SIMPLICITY, the YouBIM development Team has a carefully designed a USER EXPERIENCE like no other solution the market possess.

YouBIM 4.0 has new viewing technology that allows browser agnostic 2D and 3D navigation as in a video game.

YouBIM can take model formats from all main BIM Authoring software in the market, and can Import and Export COBie Excels as well as Custom Excel.

Through its API, YouBIM can be seamlessly integrated with CMMS/CAFM systems as well as BMS/BAS, allowing powerful 2D and 3D visual illustrations of data coming from such 3rd party systems.

Most of Qatar’s important projects today are requiring BIM. Not only for construction purposes, but we see more and more BIM LOD 500, and BIM for Operation and Maintenance specified in the project BIM Requirements. Therefore, represented locally by NCS Qatar, YouBIM 4.0 is already been implemented in a few important projects in Doha.