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June 11, 2015 

Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)

A set of Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) is a key document for those working to the level-2 BIM process. It is intended to be part of the wider tender document set for the procurement of the Design Team and the Constructor.

The core purpose of an EIR is to document the information requirements and also to establish the information management requirements. This document forms the basis from which the bidders can then respond with their outline BIM Execution Plan (BEP). The BEP demonstrates how, if successful, the bidders will deliver and manage this digital information throughout the project.

The content of the EIR covers three areas:

  • Technical – details of software platforms, definitions of levels of detail etc
  • Management – details of management processes to be adopted in connection with BIM on a project
  • Commercial – details of BIM Model deliverables, timing of data drops and definitions of information purposes                     

  The EIR is presented as a model document complete with guidance models.  The content can be incorporated into other tender documentation. The content of the model EIR is advisory.  As the BIM protocol requires details of Building Information Models and Information Management processes, the EIR provides an effective platform to communicate these requirements as part of an appointment process.

Many clients and client advisers are currently developing their own EIRs to match the level-2 BIM work flow. 

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