Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Construction


May 29, 2015

About the Book

The construction logistics manager plays an increasingly central role in the construction process. In fact, their decisions can crucially affect the success or failure of a project. Recognition of the critical role they play has spurred evermore interest in this budding field amongst both researchers and practitioners. 

An accessible text on construction logistics, Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Construction provides essential guidance and expert advice for construction managers, as well as researchers and students in the field. This important new title looks at arrangements with suppliers, the use of returnable packaging and off-site manufacture and assembly, IT systems used to manage the supply chain and logistics operations, such as delivery management systems, warehouse management systems and material planning and forecasting systems. It also considers aspects of the contractual relationships between client, developer, main contractor and lower-tier contractors, all of which have an impact on how the supply chain is managed.

In addition to providing a range of fresh ground-breaking case studies, the book features contributions from leading experts in the field who have been involved in projects with companies such as TFL, BAA, The Red Cross, as well as big construction programmes such as the Olympics and Cross Rail.

Press Quotes

Bringing construction logistics into the 21st, and arguably even the 20th Century, is essential if the construction industry is to meet the requirements of its clients and customers for cheaper, faster and safer delivery of construction projects. In this book, Greger provides a well presented and argued analysis of the key logistics issues that the industry must get to grips with if it is to meet these requirements. His handling of the issue of construction materials consolidation is particularly good and relevant given the focus on congestion and safety in and around urban construction projects.

Gary Sullivan – Construction Logistics specialist, Co-founder and Chairman of Wilson James Ltd, and former Chairman of Essex Olympic Strategic Board for Legacy, and former Chairman of Thames Gateway S