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Point Cloud to BIM for an International Broadcast Center



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June 08, 2015 â”‚Bhushan Avasatthi 


  • The client wanted us to detect and rectify errors in the point cloud with accurate BIM modeling within 24 days.
  • The total data size provided by client was about 185 GB & to work with such heavy data files was really a difficult task.
  • The input files were in the form of 3D scanned images in which few of the scanned inputs were not clear & some of the building data was missing due to improper scanning, leading to complexity of resurfacing and modeling.
  • The building area was large and also consisted of complex steel structure.

BIM Experts: Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services


BIM experts resurfaced the point cloud models into 3D BIM (LOD-300), ready to be loaded with the required information.


  • 3D Scanned images of International Broadcast center were resurfaced and converted into BIM, replete with all the architectural and structural details
  • 10 mm accuracy helped create error free and intelligent Building information models and LOD -30 was maintained
  • Project delivery done well within the deadline resulting in decreased overall project time.

Technology / Software Used

Revit, Recap

Engineering Solution:

  • Modelers imported all the scanned images in Revit, and a model file was set up. 10mm accuracy modeling was done.
  • The scanning was not up to the mark, however extra efforts were put in, flaws were mitigated and a the building data that was missing was virtually created, based on engineering assumptions and parametric images
  • The company communicated several project details, assumptions and requirements with the client and finally, successfully created an architectural and structural building information model.

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