Challenges to BIM Adoption - B1M University Class 3


May 01, 2015

In B1M University Class 3, AluK’s Jordan Kingman presents the challenges to BIM adoption from a building product manufacturer’s perspective. The 28 minute video, filmed at Loughborough University in the UK, takes a detailed and honest look at the aluminium window and curtain walling manufacturer’s BIM journey ( Drawn from experiences to date, the Class will no doubt resonate with many manufacturers in a similar position. 

Jordan – AluK’s Architectural Project Manager and BIM Co-ordinator – takes us through the company’s motives for adopting BIM initially (from 0.24). “It was more than just Customer demand” he explains. “We knew it could be a massive advantage for us; offering free information to BIM-enabled project teams would give us a commercial edge”. 

He goes on to highlight the challenges they faced, including:

Software costs (from 6.10)
Staff knowledge (from 7.01) 
Data and information (from 7.23) 
Cost (from 7.49)
Customer requirements (from 8.22)
Standards and regulations (from 9.07)
BIM jargon (from 9.45)

Perhaps most importantly, the Class then looks at how AluK overcame these challenges (from 10.20). The focus that BIM places on delivering accurate attribute data and structured information in particular demanded a different approach: “BIM is a whole different level of information, a different mindset and a different structure as well. We had to adapt to that accordingly” explains Jordan.

AluK decided early on to invest in BIM (explained from 15.15) and are now seeing real returns on investment as a result of doing so (from 20.06). “We dived in relatively early. If you look at where we were two years ago and where we are now, we’re light years apart” said Jordan. 

The clip form’s part of our B1M University series; a teaching initiative that shares industry BIM expertise with University students through free online videos. Loughborough University hosted Class 3 and invited their Students to watch the filming, directly supporting their own curriculum. 

Dr Zulfikar Adamu, who leads BIM teaching in their School of Civil and Building Engineering, explained how all Students have access to extensive online training for industry-standard software packages, and that most courses now include specialist modules on BIM to prepare them for placements and graduate employment.

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