BIM in Civil Engineering Construction


May 18, 2015 │ David Moloney

BIM, 3D Visualisations and Animations can be included in technical films and PowerPoint presentations and used for the following purposes.

Tender Presentations showing how a project will be constructed. Including sequence, methods, plant and timelines.

Better understand and communicate the design to the Site Team, along with the proposed construction methods.

Constructability Studies

3D Visualisation of programmes.

Knowledge Capture and Sharing        

Technical, Site Induction & Safety Training

Project Familiarisation.

Trouble Shooting, Brainstorming, and aid for decision making

Preparing Method Statements and Safety Risk Assessments

Programming and getting commitment from the Site Team

Sequencing work activities

Organising resources by seeing what plant and manpower is required and when.

Proving Delay and Disruption Entitlements

Reviewing and recording progress

Producing Infographics for Workshops, meetings and conferences.

Promotes stakeholders and community engagement and understanding.

Company Promotional purposes

Other Uses are-

Designing Traffic Diversions

Designing Shuttering to complicated reinforced concrete elements

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