Vianova releases free BIM viewer


April 23, 2015

Vianova Systems AS now offers a free viewing tool for decision makers who need simple model insight into transport infrastructure BIM projects. NovapointDCM Viewer provides project managers and construction managers etc. with easy viewing into the collaboration model QuadriDCM – hence also providing better project control.

NovapointDCM Viewer makes the multidiscipline BIM model available to everyone who needs to see, check and comment on it. The planners can in this way share their QuadriDCM model with other decision makers in the project – so that everyone better can understand and easier express their opinion about what is being designed.

"With increasing demand for BIM deliveries from clients like road and rail authorities, the model is increasingly representing the top contractual level in infrastructure projects, as well as the construction basis for contractors. It is therefore imperative that all project stakeholders are ensured easy access to the model. NovapointDCMViewer is making sure this is achieved", says CEO Idar Kirkhorn at Vianova Systems.

Better communication
NovapointDCM Viewer is a free desktop application that can be downloaded and used with both local and shared models in the Cloud. The user can navigate freely in the 3D model, turn on and off information, and give model comments using Topics.

The embedded Topics window allows you to communicate with others in the project through a named discussion log. Through this you can share viewpoints and model comments, snapshots of the model, etc. This significantly simplifies communication about the model.

Easier overview
Since you can turn on and off information and make your own windows, it is quick and easy to get an overview of the model information.

With the QuadriDCM model in the Cloud – simply click on the RECEIVE button, and the BIM model will be updated locally on your PC, without having to go to web hotels to download files etc. A report will tell you what has been changed in the model since the last update.

The entire task tree is also included, so you can see the contents of the various discipline models and base models. With a built-in measuring tool you can additionally measure distances and areas in the model (2D and 3D).

NovapointDCM Viewer is user-friendly and safe to use, without risking unintended changes to the original model.

Free usage

To get access to NovapointDCM Viewer, simply create a Vianova ID account – and then download the free tool.

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