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Canadian Practice Manual for BIM


March 17, 2015

The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) has secured funding from the NRC IRAP to develop and disseminate a Canadian Practice Manual for BIM. buildingSMART Canada, a council for IBC, is leading the effort to develop this practice manual with participation from practitioners and professional groups from across Canada. Therefore, IBC and buildingSMART Canada are inviting all BIM engaged professionals interested in establishing a nationally consistent approach and understanding of BIM to contribute to the development of a multi-disciplinary, multi-volume BIM Practice Manual.


BIM thrives on collaboration and consensus among project stakeholders and this is why national standards and best practices are so important to its success. Unfortunately, currently Canadian BIM adoption is overwhelmingly ad-hoc. The Roadmap to Lifecycle Building Information Modeling in the Canadian AECOO Community identifies a Canadian Practice Manual for BIM as a key element in enabling effective BIM adoption in Canada.

The Practice Manual, to be delivered in three volumes, is intended to be a comprehensive guide that reflects both international best practices as well as the use of BIM in Canada. (See Full Proposal)

Volume 1 of the Practice Manual is called BIM: A Primer and focuses on the basics of BIM, its broad goals, terminology and relevance to industry. It has been completed.

Volume 2 of the Practice Manual – BIM: Company Context – and Volume 3 of the Practice Manual – BIM: Project Context – build on Volume 1 and are intended to provide complementary perspectives of applying BIM within companies and within projects. (SeeTable of Contents.)

Get Involved

To be truly effective a Canadian Practice Manual for BIM needs to include and share the best of BIM practices from across Canada. buildingSMART Canada is looking for professionals willing to do any of the following:

Contribute content: (e.g. bulleted text, simple paragraphs, illustrations, concept examples, local processes, checklists or even a couple of pages) to any section

Lead sections: Leaders will champion chapters and group submissions into logical themes for the editorial team to work with and to manage and provide review feedback on drafted chapters

Content reviewers: work with section leaders to critique drafts of respective sections

All contributions will be grouped, edited and delivered as chapters for review by peers and acknowledged in the final volumes.

The completed manual will be available in both English and French. It will be made available to recognized educational programs across Canada to train current and future practitioners, the professionals you will be working with on your next job, how to effectively collaborate using BIM. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape how projects are delivered in the future.

For further information or to signal your interest in joining the effort, please contact:

John Dickinson ([email protected])


Paul Woodard ([email protected])

All contributions are welcome to help us build the solution!

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