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Trailloop Launches BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling Online


March 13, 2015

Trailloop, an energy efficiency building design online learning academy, launches BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling Online Course. This course allows engineers and architects to optimize building energy early where there is the greatest impact, and see those results through the design process for the most energy efficient building design. It’s the most time-efficient building design workflow for early-stage and iterative energy analysis, using a streamlined BIM process.

This BIM Integrated energy modeling workflow is the most efficient because it manages the building model’s information in a way that continuously adds value and streamlines the information process. The workflow allows you to perform early stage and iterative energy simulations with a LEED compliant energy modeling tool, which saves you time by avoiding the rework that would otherwise be necessary from transitioning to this software.

Trailloop’s streamlined BIM process reduces errors and ensures consistency between what is modeled and what gets put in. BIM can exchange data through Green Building XML with energy modeling software. This enables the modeled features to generate energy input data. The software can then be used to identify areas of energy use, opportunities for reduction and an easy comparison between different design options.

Learners will be able to construct building geometries in Revit for a seamless integration into IES VE for energy modeling, perform design changes and re-integrate them back into the energy model. This workflow allows you to leverage the best of both applications in a shared BIM environment.

Learners gain instant access to a robust learning management system filled with multi-media learning content. This self-paced online course contains 4 hours of interactive video tutorials, downloadable project files, and 25 quiz questions. If learners decide to build their own project while taking the course, they will be able to submit their project files during the planning, integration, and post-production stages for our instructor to provide you with personalized feedback. Learners can achieve 8 hours of Continuing Education with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) through our certificate of completion.

This fully interactive step-by-step online course is going to be debuting in various college programs in Canada this year, and the involvement continues to grow this early on.

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