Market Research

BIM in Various Countries



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In this paper, the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems invarious selected countries is reviewed to highlight the successful practices in this field. In several situations, BIM was implemented in conjunction with Industry Foundation Classes(IFC) for better integration and interoperability of various components of BIM system. Theroles of the public and private sectors as major stakeholders in promoting and providing support for the implementation, research and development of BIM systems is presented. Theimpact of such roles on the overall progress of BIM in a country is discussed. Different scenarios of the level of support from the public and private sectors are presented along withthe identification of major areas of research in BIM. The findings show that the roles of both public and private sector in promoting BIM have peculiarities under the circumstances of thecountry and may depend on factors such as the size and nature of country’s economic system.