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Managing Spaces – Swedish Style


February 12, 2015

It’s a win - win for the Facility Management team in Skåne. They can shorten renovation times and then pass the savings onto the tax payer. Not bad in this current economic climate.

In April 2014, Solibri launched a new extension for its Solibri Model Checker solution (SMC). The software complies with the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) 20154:2009 and empowers users to better organize large area spaces. This project was done in cooperation with Per Erlandsson of the Region Skåne. He approached Solibri after similar projects had been done in Norway and the United States. (The US’ General Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for maintaining over 354 million square feet and over 9600 buildings alone).

His brief was simple. He needed to cut down the amount of software programs used between remodeling old buildings and sharing the final information with the facility management department. If done properly, BIM could be the short and long term solution for how all the maintenance is done in all of Sweden.

Wafa Alsakini, the Solibri Project Manager talks us through what was done. “Our customers already use SMC for data mining. We had previously made software for Norway – to calculate the space areas for Information Takeoff. The Swedish project was different because we did fi2xml for exporting space areas calculation results – a new feature for SMC. This fi2xml is used in many facility management software programs (e.g. Landlord). Using fi2xml removes limitations, you can use it with a variety of software authoring tools. SMC can now be the ‘go-between’. When an old building has no existing 3D model, they first need to be created. Once done, you need to connect that model to those facility management programs. SMC provides that connection – Solibri offers quality control, Information Takeoff for calculations and the export of area information in xml. Voila!”

Per Erlandsson said “Within Sweden, current facility management requires the usage of approximately five separate software solutions operated by skilled individuals. Now by using SMC, only one software solution is needed. The IFC model quality is checked and that information is passed on within facility management. This is an immense improvement for tenant management control and maintaining spaces (e.g. when calculating areas for cleaning contracts or planning optimal toilet spaces in a retirement home for elderly needs).”

Per goes on to explain the types of applications for area calculation. There is a wide range of spaces that benefit. For example: schools, retirement homes, correctional facilities and all general office spaces within Government control can now be better managed. Per believes these learnings will soon encourage other regions to do the same within Sweden and beyond.

Solibri agrees with this viewpoint. These savings are as relevant from Australia to Iceland. SMC already has two Rulesets for Swedish area calculation. One for the Region Skåne and one for other regions that may export IFC files in a different way, where different properties and authoring tools are used. There is also the idea that you could only calculate certain areas – by using XML input and XML export reports – saving time and reducing file sizes. You can also offer a global footprint by easily developing Rulesets easily for other Local Governments around the world.

“This project was both demanding and rewarding for us. Solibri offered us what we needed and Wafa did a fantastic job of steering the project to be ready. I’m already looking forward to the next stage of our cooperation,” said Per.

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