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Revit for Design - Part 2


February 08, 2015

If you liked a previous post about Dynamo and how BIM tools are helping designers to think, model, re-think and deliver solutions of high-quality, you can’t miss this one! I found it on one of the best BIM sources you will find online, - congratulations to the kid(s.

It is a simple, but strong, essay on Revit for design competitions. This one is specifically for Guggenheim Helsinki. Everything looks inspiring and, in addition, you can access quality information about tips and tricks to achieve similar results.

The process starts how it is supposed to be, from the beginning. First comes the artist: some sketches turn into a mass model. Then, comes the builder that turns masses into walls, curtain walls, spaces and more. And, despite the final pictures are not 100% Revit based, the output is impressive for a tool that we all know, does so much more. And, apart from the shiny contributions of Photoshop, can you realize how powerful this set of information is?

Artists of the modern era, it is time to free BIM!


Follow the source to read the entire exercise.

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