Newforma Building Information Management Continues To Improve BIM Workflows


January 11, 2015 by Jeff Agla

Because we’re in the project information management business, customers have been asking us to help them manage BIM, whether it’s the workflows arising around model-based design or the wealth of information in the model.

That’s why we offer Newforma Building Information Management, our optional add-on to Newforma Project Center. It integrates building information modeling with project information management.

One problematic workflow involves generating PDFs from Revit models. Revit makes it easy to generate PDFs, but hard (or impossible) to name and sort them as you like.

Newforma Building Information Management software includes an add-in to Revit called Newforma Project Information Link. Its Document Control function enables you to publish Revit sheets in a way that conforms to your naming and organizational preferences.

Customers are also using the Document Control function to easily add Revit sheets and selected associated parameters into Newforma Project Center’s Document Control activity center, which in turn auto-populates the Newforma Plans app. With a click of a button, they’re making Revit information available on tablets in the field!

Get the full story in January webinars

Webinars we’re doing in January will demonstrate details of these and other improvements. To register for a webinar, visit these links:

We’ll show you how to reduce risk, enrich model information without bloat, extend model access to more of your team, and create a shared visual context for more-informed decision making.