C4R vs Green BIM Servers – Collaborate Across WAN Without Complex IT Setup


December 02, 2014

Autodesk is releasing a new product known as C4R (Project Skyscraper). It promises to enable firms to collaborate across WAN without complex IT setup, but with the caveat that your project data will reside in the A360 cloud. Green BIM Servers enable firms to collaborate across WAN without complex IT setupand retain the files in their local network.

Green BIM Servers enable multiple people in different geographical locations to work synchronistically within the same files live. With our BIM Servers, teams can see other teams changes happen, in the model together. Green BIM offers a large network of BIM Servers for your project teams. Green BIM Servers allow you and your project team to work live in the same model across the country or across the globe. You will be able to strategically place your BIM Servers for high speed access by all members of the project team allowing Design Teams, Engineering, Owners, and Contractors to access your files live and at your discretion.

Green BIM has focused on providing:

  • Flexibility - Any file format will work on Green BIM Servers.
  • Scalability - Servers located around the globe and no team size restriction.
  • Performance - We route data through the fasts connection across 13 ISPs providing a near private line experience.
  • Safe - Connect with out the risks of VPN and Trusted Domain connections between you and the other team.
  • Secure - Using Department of Defense trusted encryption, your data is always secure.

Green BIM Servers have provided trusted Revit and BIM worksharing for years with customer testimonials to match.  We have connected teams from Melbourne to San Francisco, to New York, to London, and beyond.

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