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Nemetschek Vectorworks Announces “Art in Architecture” Webinar Series


Columbia, Md. (October 28, 2014) – Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., a provider of intuitive, powerful and practical 2D/3D and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions, has launched a series of free webinars around the theme of “Art in Architecture.” Each webinar will focus on architects who challenged convention to create new and unexpected solutions, as well as explore how today’s visionaries connect with the past to design artistic projects that are responsive to people and their context.

“Architects throughout history have utilized their creativity to produce pioneering designs, pulling inspiration from everyday objects, abstract concepts and even each other,” says Steve Alden, AIA, architect at Nemetschek Vectorworks and series presenter. “We’re excited to announce this webinar series and share how today’s most expressive designers are influenced by the visionary minds of the past and how they use technology to enable imaginative designs that transform the world.”

Register for the following Art in Architecture webinars, which will be held at 2:00 p.m. ET and be eligible for 1 AIA LU, using the links provided below:

• Oct. 29: Melnikov – Early Sparks of Russian Iconic Architecture. Follow the career of a visionary architect as he discovered how to rethink everything he thought he knew about design and found himself transformed by the experience. Konstantin Melnikov was a Russian architect caught up in social upheaval during a time of great revolutionary change. Learn how the roots of modern architecture can be traced directly back to the events of 1917 Russia, and compare how today’s iconic architecture flows naturally from the past.

• Nov. 19: Small Iconic Architecture. Iconic architecture is springing up in urban settings more and more since the advent of powerful computer technology. But even before the computer, there was a desire to create a dramatic statement through architecture. This webinar will examine the link between a designer’s desire for expression and the capability of technology to enable its realization. The presentation will focus on smaller projects and feature examples from both past and present.

• Dec. 17: Four French Architects You Should Know – Eiffel, Prouvé, Perrault and Ricciotti: This webinar will discuss the lives and influences of Gustave Eiffel, Jean Prouvé, Dominique Perrault and Rudy Ricciotti. Participants will discover the interconnections among their work and examine the technology that supported their design solutions.

For more information, contact [email protected] or 800-413-0935.