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The UK construction industry is slowly but surely undertaking an identity change, and is part of an evolving digital revolution. BIM is the practice of creating and using 3d modelling to interconnect project decisions. It is a platform that allows stakeholders involved in all parts of the project life cycle to process and understand a building through the use of a prototypical digital model, meaning a more streamlined process that aims to achieve cost savings, less time designing/planning and on site, and ultimately a methodically planned construction execution.

In order for BIM to work effectively, everyone involved in the project life cycle of a building, should be working to the same standards at the same level, and these levels will once again change and grow, as the government wants the majority of service providers to hit ‘BIM level 2’, and to adopt 3d modelling by 2016, whilst many businesses have already started using 4D modelling.

With no exception, flat roofing is affected by BIM. Architects, Main Contractors and specialist contractors from other trades such as plumbing and carpenters all need to understand roofing requirements, and using BIM, can provide a platform for the stakeholders to work collaboratively to achieve a fully integrated solution, which also allows for easier tendering and estimating.

Architects have already adopted BIM. Main contractors have started to adopt BIM. If this trend of adoptive innovation continues, many roofing contractors who choose not to adhere to creative ways of working may have to play catch up at a later stage. In a market place where large construction are not as common as a few years, and tender processes have become more stringent and more difficult, roofing contractors will need to be able to demonstrate that they can work innovatively to reduce costs and time on site. I predict that BIM will become a standard offering… in the not too distant future.

All of Sika’s roofing brands are ready. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW!

October 24, 2014 By Luke Gale 

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