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BIM in AEC Industry



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The construction industry faces criticism for being inefficient with a poor productivity record. Several studies and reports have clearly indicated that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the methods employed by the industry to achieve this. Building Information Modelling is emerging as a solution with the potential to affect fundamental changes, not only in the project delivery process, but throughout the project life cycle. Even so, most of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry remains unaware of BIM and the manner in which it can impact their work. This study uses literature review to evaluate the status of BIM in the AEC industry, imperatives for adopting BIM, benefits to be gained and challenges facing a successful adoption of BIM. The existing literature on the subject indicates that for the projects that have adopted BIM, there has been a significant value addition for all of the stakeholders. Even so, BIM faces challenges which are both technical and managerial. Better awareness of BIM in the industry and increased usage can assist in overcoming these challenges, as the industry becomes more aware of the potential and limitations of BIM. 

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