BIM in Principle and Practice



Covering the principles behind BIM, its current use in practice and how it may develop in the future, BIM In Principle and In Practice provides construction professionals with an overview of this emerging field to enable informed discussion with clients and colleagues. This new book will enable you to answer the questions: what is BIM?; how can I apply it in practice?; and how could it develop in the future at both practical and legal levels?. Relevant to all companies and projects, whatever their size and geographical market, the up-to-date advice and illustrative case studies within this book forms the ultimate practical guide to current practice and a valuable vision for the future.


What is BIM? Why does BIM matter? What is FIM? Is the industry BIM / FIM ready? To BIM or not to BIM? BIM protocols and standards Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) What is the background / history of BIM? What is the HMG BIM hypothesis and why is it important? Journals, Publications etc. Unlocking the value of BIM Hardware / Software How does BIM work and explanation of practical techniques Incorporating BIM Incorporating the team The Levels of BIM and BIM Maturity Practical management The role of the BIM Manager Intellectual property rights and ownership Insurance, Liability and Risk How will BIM be used in dispute avoidance / dispute resolution? What will BIM do in the future? Education and Training Whole life cycle costing Green BIM New Contracts The Future - 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D (or XD) Case Studies and Best Practice

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