Revolutionary Mosquito technology revealed at BIMobject® LIVe


25 September 2014

BIMobject® will announce a new technology called BIMobject® Mosquito today at the BIMobject® LIVe conference in Malmö. The new technology is a first in the world and allow developers, partners and manufacturers to create BIM objects directly on the server in the cloud. The new technology will enable new markets to be adressed for BIM objects like ceramics, white goods, appliances and HVAC equipment as well as flooring and mosaic. It is so easy to use that you don't need any prior knowledge of any CAD or BIM software to create the BIM content.

The technology is using Google X, also known as Web-GL to give the user a live 3D representation of the object that is under construction directly in the web browser. Parameters like height, width and depth is the basis for the 3D geometry and all properties available for the product will be added to the final BIM object. The Mosquito technology will then automatically create native files for ArchiCAD, Revit, Sketchup and IFC.

Mosquito will be continuously developed to enable more object types both originating from geometric shapes and also templates for more advanced 3D geometry. The Mosquito technology will also support the new cloud based BOPC (BIMobject Open Property Clouds) to enable more information and properties added to the object at the time of creation or later downstream in the process with the BIMobject® Apps. The bulk upload feature that enables interaction with external databases and excel files can also be used to mass produce large quantities of objects automatically from external datasources like PIM systems.

Mosquito is ready for use already today and will be licensed in combination with a manufacturers publishing service on the BIMobject® Product Portal. For details about pricing please contact a BIMobject® sales office.

"The new technology is mind-blowing, anyone with a Mosquito license can now create information rich BIM objects directly in the cloud services and publish it in the infrastructure in minutes. This will serve a lot of the product categories like flooring, paving, electronics, white goods and tiles. I am extremely proud of our development team that have managed to innovate such a brilliant concept and it again shows our commitment to the industry and our goal to dominate the BIM object content business globally" said Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject AB.

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