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The Cardiovascular Research Institute at University of California


This 232,000 square-foot building is focused on cardiovascular disease; it includes clusters of faculty offices on each of its three floors, joined by a central staircase. Flexible laboratory space accommodates nearly 500 graduate students, post-doctoral scientists and other researchers.

Contractor: Rudolph and Sletten, a subsidiary of Tutor Perini Corporation, the 9th largest general contractor in the United States as ranked by Engineering News Record.
BIM Consultant: View By View
The Client: The University of California at San Francisco
Synchro Pro 4D BIM Image from View By View, San Francisco

“We used Synchro Pro’s 4D BIM schedule simulation to communicate among the project stakeholders the complex construction sequences and site logistics. The ability to clearly see the schedule sequences created a team dialogue and encouraged creative problem solving.” Michael Piotrkowski, Director of Technical Development, Rudolph and Sletten


Why Synchro?

Collaboration is one of the guiding principles at the UCSF. Synchro Pro brought the construction delivery team’s ability to collaborate and communicate to a new level. While 4D is standard in the design world, the benefits of 4D for planning and scheduling are just beginning to be understood. Synchro Pro brings not just the design, but also the project approach, to life. The software retains integrity to the plan through its round trip data synchronization.

Team members not involved in construction every day have a difficult time understanding 2D plans and schedules. Synchro Pro provided the ability for the entire team to visualize and understand the project plan in real time including the sequencing and the approach. It also allowed the delivery team to identify and resolve conflicts and issues early, saving costly changes later in the process.

The Outcome

The building is a collaborative center that brings research scientists and clinicians together under the same roof, thus accelerating their efforts to understand cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. It houses the world-renowned UCSF Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI), and is home to the new UCSF Center for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and outpatient facility that focuses on advancing ways to predict and prevent these devastating illnesses.

Rudolph and Sletten and View By View optimized the added value of BIM for delivery in the following way:

  • Synchro Pro provided the entire project team with a shared view of the project. Faculty, scientists and contractors all saw the same project, avoiding many “unknowns.”
  • Synchro’s scheduling capabilities provided the ability to optimally sequence, for example, the site logistics and exterior skin system of the new building.
  • Synchro enabled the delivery team to easily and quickly communicate among the consultant and the client/philanthropic teams at UCSF.
  • Synchro Pro allowed the team to test scenarios and to work collaboratively to solve complex problems.
  • Synchro provided progress reporting for the duration of the project.


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