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BIM delivers tangible benefits for construction


Issam El-Absi, manager of IS-Automation and Engineering (BIM, Civil, GIS), Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) (on behalf of TCAJV), spoke at the Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2013 in London about their Special Recognition Award-winning project, the Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport in his presentation, “Information Modeling Delivers Tangible Benefits for Construction.”

El-Absi said that the benefits of BIM go “far beyond construction.” “The main asset for us is the people. We have 150 engineers, all BIM trained.”

CCC offers different services ranging from contractual, quantity, surveying and material take-off services. Most jobs focus on design, “however, the way we started the discussion of the building is to ask, how can we make this better for construction?”

The USD 3.2 billion Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport is a 750,000-square-meter project that will provide passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurant for up to 40 million people per year. The location of the structure is between two runways. The complex design and x-shape of the structure presented major challenges in terms of engineering, construction, procurement, that could only be addressed with a complete BIM-driven lifecycle to make project delivery possible.

“We had not the chance to implement BIM in a comprehensive way until this project,” said El-Absi. “We asked ourselves, how can we make a strong infrastructure that will host all the information?”

El-Absi said it was critical to have a fully integrated environment and enter data once. They are working with many systems, some in-house, some from Bentley. They use ProjectWise for collaboration and AECOsim.  They used i-Room because they wanted the designer and stakeholder in the same room, which was a new, innovative idea.

BIM workflows saved 1123.5 hours and $165,000.

4D simulation and BIM workflows eliminated the need for lengthy approval processes. BIM methods eliminated the need for 5 tower frames. The complex interface coordination process was facilitated by the BIM workflow.

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