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Towards a digital inclusive supply chain in design


A special five day event involving presenters and students from the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore, as well as the industry, will explore building information modeling (BIM) as a tool and process for procuring construction projects.  Using BIM, buildings can be represented in a digital, computable and intelligent 3D form. It provides a platform for integrated information exchange through a single model, ultimately facilitating project coordination and enhancing the cost effectiveness and quality of projects.  

The 5-day program at the University of Melbourne, running from 21 to 25 July, involves a series of presentations by experts on BIM theories and concepts, BIM process, tools and software, a symposium on ‘BIM across the life cycle’, and a 2 day competition. The competition phase will see six teams of students, from both institutions, prepare a ‘cost plan/bill of quantities’ using the BIM estimating process. Each presentation will also discuss changes in estimating and cost management practice that could result from digital technology and highlight barriers to BIM adoption by cost consultants and the industry at large.  The winning student team will be awarded $2000, free full version Costx software licenses, free RICS membership for 1 year, a certificate and trophy. Teams who place 2nd and 3rd will also receive cash prizes.

“This event will assist students - our next generation of construction professionals - to better understand 5D BIM concepts and scenarios,” says Dr Ajibade  Aibinu, ABP’s Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics. 

Dr. Aibinu, who has designed the event together with Associate Professor Teo Ai Lin from the National University of Singapore, believes students should be exposed to sophisticated digital concepts and processes, such as BIM, as it will make them better equipped to adopt and apply digital practices once they join the industry.

“Education can raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits of digital technologies as well as simplify complex digital concepts and scenarios,” he says. “Teaching and learning can be used to demonstrate the impact of digital processes on practice and on the future of the industry, as well as what is possible. It could help graduates appreciate the changing nature of industry practice as a result of advanced digital technologies right from the classroom.”

Dr. Aibinu and Dr. Teo Ai Lin expect the event to facilitate research collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the National University of Singapore and the industry partners.


This event is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the National University of Singapore and industry partners. Support and Sponsors:

  • Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne
  • Department of Building, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore
  • Exactal
  • buildingSMART Singapore Chapter
  • Graphisoft
  • Glodon International Pte Ltd
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

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