IFC WebServer is a free to use data model server and online viewer for Building Information Models (BIM) based on the open standard IFC .

It aims to simplify the process of extracting, validation and exchanging of information of BIM models using open and standard formats like IFC, HTML, XML ,CSV, COLLADA, SVG.

BIM managers, Architectures, Engineers and Contractors can use the server in order to share IFC models, query, filter, compare, validate and make reports about any information easily. Researchers can use the server to analyze and develop extensions of the IFC standards

The project consists mainly of two parts: (1) the data model server and (2) the online viewer . Despite of having accessing the information in BIM models as the main interest (through queries, filters, reports), the 3D visualization provide a handy way to view and share BIM models and visualize the results of data queries online.

The Server has an open structure and can be extended easily through adding new extensions to add extra functionality. The extensions can be as simple as one line to calculate the area of a circle profile, or very sophisticated like a plug-in to export the data inside the IFC-models in other formats like COBie spreadsheets or extract 2D plans automatically from 3D models.

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