AEC (UK) BIM Protocol


AEC (UK) BIM Protocol

The AEC (UK) Initiative was formed in 2000 to improve the process of design information production, management and exchange. Initially the initiative addressed CAD layering conventions as the primary concern for users of design data. As design needs and technology has developed, the initiative has expanded to cover other aspects of design data production and information exchange.
The committee was re-formed in 2009, including new members from companies and consultancies highly experienced in BIM software and implementation, to address the growing need within the UK AEC industry for application of UK standards in a unified, practical & pragmatic manner within a design environment.
The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol was first released in November 2009, and this updated version collates the learning and experience gained since then. This generic document provides platform-independent protocols which are further enhanced by the softwarespecific supplements.

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