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A Case Study of BIM Implementation in India



On a visit to Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru) in India this summer, I happened to meet the founders of an architectural firm that stood out among the crowd by virtue of their progressive outlook and relatively advanced implementation of BIM, in a country where most architects were still using AutoCAD and construction was still very much paper-based. In general, I found that things have not evolved much in India from an AEC perspective since I last wrote about in 2004. For all the talk of becoming an economic powerhouse and the construction boom, there's still very little evidence of the application of advanced technology, at least in the building and construction industry. In part, this is because labor is still much cheaper in India than in many of the developed countries, therefore many of the labor and time saving uses of technology don't really apply. This is why when I heard about the BIM implementation at INFORM Architects, my ears perked up and I thought it would make for a great case study in AECbytes, despite the fact that the firm is relatively small and unknown outside India. It could be interesting for readers from all over the world to learn about both the opportunities and challenges of BIM implementation in a rapidly developing country like India.

A Case Study of BIM Implementation in India

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