NATSPEC National BIM Guide v1.0



Purpose of The NATSPEC National BIM Guide:

The National BIM Guide is a reference document to be read in conjunction with the Project BIM Brief which outlines the particular requirements for each project. It is expected that the Project BIM Brief, whether developed using the NATSPEC Project BIM Brief or other means, is formulated by the client in consultation with the project team. The Guide can also be used as a planning tool by consultants to clarify the services they propose to provide when preparing bids for projects. The National BIM Guide is to assist clients, consultants and stakeholders to clarify their BIM requirements in a nationally consistent manner. This will reduce confusion and duplication of effort. The National BIM Guide is an adaptation of the VA BIM Guide and the development philosophy is to retain as much of the original document as possible. It is expected that common sense will interpret Americanisms appropriately.

Natspec National BIM Guide




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